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Priya's Mirror

Priya joins forces with a group of acid attack survivors as they fight against the demon-king, Ahankar, and his tyrannical hold on them. The 2nd chapter of the hugely popular comic book is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and Hindi. “Priya’s Mirror” premiered at the New York Film Festival, at Film Society of Lincoln Center, NYC..


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A beautiful woman, wrapped in a sari, sits calmly on top of a ferocious tiger. This is how much of the world meets Priya, India’s newest superhero and a rape survivor.

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A new comic book with a female rape survivor as its “super hero” has been launched to focus attention on the problem of sexual violence in India.

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Priya’s Shakti at TEDx in London in 2015. Watch co-creator Ram Devineni’s presentation at the Museum of London.

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Gender Equality Champion – UN Women

“Priya’s Shakti is the first Indian comic book of its kind — not only confronting teenagers with the sensitive issue of sexual violence, but also engaging young people through its innovative use of augmented reality technology.” — REUTERS

In this technologically innovative and wildly popular interactive comic book, Priya’s Shakti, a gang-rape survivor-turned-superhero, demonstrates strength, courage and womanhood  — MSNBC

A new superhero has arisen in India in the wake of the brutal gang rape on a Delhi bus two years ago: Priya, a mortal woman who is raped herself, but who fights back against sexual violence with the help of the goddess Parvati – and a tiger. – THE GUARDIAN


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