Priya named “Gender Equality Champion” — UN WOMEN 


Priya’s Shakti Comic Books

Priya’s Shakti is the first Indian comic book of its kind — not only confronting teenagers with the sensitive issue of sexual violence, but also engaging young people through its innovative use of augmented reality technology. — REUTERS

Priya and the Lost Girls (Chapter 3)

Priya continues her adventures with her flying tiger, Sahas. She returns home and discovers all the young women have disappeared in her rural village including her sister, Laxmi. She discovers they were taken to an underground brothel city called Rahu, which is ruled by a demon who gets his power through fear and entrapment of women. COMING SOON.

Support Priya’s Shakti comic book series and the printing of the third edition, “Priya and the Lost Girls” and get a copy. coming out December 2019.

Priya’s Mirror (Chapter 2)

Priya joins forces with a group of acid attack survivors as they fight against the demon-king, Ahankar, and his tyrannical hold on them. Funded by the World Bank, the comic books focuses on acid attacks and tackles the problem of gender violence around the world.

Priya’s Shakti (Chapter 1)

A new superhero has arisen in India in the wake of the brutal gang rape on a Delhi bus two years ago: Priya, a mortal woman who is raped herself, but who fights back against sexual violence with the help of the goddess Parvati – and a tiger. – The Guardian


There is a new weapon in the battle to prevent violence against women in India — a comic book. — Wall Street Journal

The power of the comic book series is that it presents very difficult topics in a very approachable and empathetic way. Readers can relate with the characters and story, and especially the main character – Priya, and understand. Creating a female superhero and using the genre of “superheroes” provides readers with a familiarity and accessibility to the comic book and these complex problems.

Priya Mural