Priya and the Lost Girls (Chapter 3)


Story by Dipti Mehta and Ram Devineni.
Artwork by Syd Fini and Neda Kazemifar.

SYNOPSIS: Priya continues her adventures with her flying tiger, Sahas. She returns home and discovers all the young women have disappeared in her rural village including her sister, Laxmi. She learns from her parents that they were taken to an underground city called Rahu. Priya searches out for the city and discovers it is run by a demon living in a volcano, who gets his power through fear and entrapment of women in his brothel city. The city used to be a tranquil kingdom run by Manidhari, half-snake and half-woman and her husband, Paatal. But, Rahu tricked them and turned the kingdom into a wasteland and put his servant, Amrit, in charge of luring women and controlling them. Priya has to convince her sister and the other women to leave Rahu and break his spell over them. When the women escape and return home, they face the stigma and prejudices from their own people and family — which angers Priya and leads to a dramatic conclusion.

Coming Soon: November 30, 2019.



Priya e le ragazze perdute (Italiano)
Continuano le avventure di Priya e della sua tigre volante, Sahas. Di ritorno a casa, l’attende una scoperta: tutte le ragazze del villaggio sono scomparse, compresa sua sorella Lakshmi. Sono state portate a Rahu, città-bordello sotterranea governata da un demone malvagio che si fa forte della paura e del raggiro di cui sono vittime le donne. Traduzione di Mila Fahren.

Priya e as Garotas Perdidas (Português)
Priya continua suas aventuras com seu tigre voador, Sahas. Ela retorna a sua casa e descobre que todas as jovens mulheres desapareceram de sua vila, incluindo sua irmã, Laxmi. Ela descobre que elas foram levadas uma cidade subterrânea chamada Rahu, governada por um demônio que ganha poder através do medo e do aprisionamento de mulheres. Traduzido por Karine Bender. 

Priya y las chicas perdidas (Spanish)
Priya continúa sus aventuras con su tigre volador, Sahas. Cuando regresa a casa, descubre que todas las chicas jóvenes han desaparecido de su aldea, incluida su hermana Lakshmi. La heroína descubre que se las han llevado a una ciudad subterránea de burdeles llamada Rahu, gobernada por un demonio que obtiene su poder atemorizando y engañando a las mujeres. Traducción Natalia Contreras de la Llave.

“A woman vanquishes her fears and dismisses the ridicule, speaking out as a survivor and becoming an inspiration to thousands of women in India who have faced the same ordeal — a modern-day female superhero.” – VICE NEWS

There is a new weapon in the battle to prevent violence against women in India — a comic book. – Wall Street Journal


The comic book is funded by the The Jerome Foundation, National Endowment for the Art, and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature. The comic book series and interactive work was developed at Crossover Labs. PRIYA AND THE LOST GIRLS is proudly supported by the Merriweather District’s artist-in-residence program, funded by Howard Hughes Corporation. Located in Columbia, MD, the residency provided an environment and resources for creator, Ram Devineni and his colleagues to continue to produce the third installment. The comic book is dedicated to poet and teacher Meena Alexander, who was the inspiration for the series.

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Priya and the Lost Girls is based on the life of Ruchira Gupta and her journey from making the documentary The Selling of Innocents to building Apne Aap Women Worldwide, an NGO that works to end sex trafficking, while simultaneously working with the United Nations to devise better policies for the poor and young often neglected by society. The story highlights crucial moments in the lives of Apne Aap women and children; trafficking survivors that freed themselves from a system of inter-generational prostitution in India. Through the lens of both Ruchira’s and the survivors’ experiences, Apne Aap has designed a campaign called The Last Girl to draw worldwide attention to the plights of the 13-year olds in brothels and the 15-year olds standing on street corners. View videos about Apne Aap through the augmented reality app Artivive. Learn more and support the campaign at